Friday Story: Fighting for His Dreams

Greetings , and Happy Friday!

I love to share about recipients who don’t let their lack of mobility discourage them from pursuing their goals. This week, meet Muhammad from Indonesia:

 When Muhammad was 15 years old he blacked out and fell face forward. When he woke up he was extremely weak in his arms and legs and lacked the strength to walk. After being rushed to the doctor, he found out he had damaged his spinal cord resulting in partial paralysis.Muhammad

Despite his physical struggles, Muhammad has been determined to work to care for himself. He had just enough strength in his legs to push himself backwards on a skateboard he used to get around. He used his limited mobility to get to and from his current job at his family’s motorcycle repair shop so he could help support his family. But it wasn’t easy.

Although Muhammad had his skateboard to get around, he wished for a wheelchair knowing it would be easier and quicker. When he was placed into his very own GEN_2 wheelchair he knew this would drastically change his daily life for the better – he gets around much easier and can even travel to visit friends and family.

Muhammad had a setback, but he didn’t let that affect him. The wheelchair only helped him continue to fight for his dreams. Thank you for providing that gift to those in need every week. You are providing a simple tool that can help in so many different ways.


Don Schoendorfer

Special Delivery Report: 1,100 Wheelchairs have Arrived!

Happy Thursday! 1,100 wheelchairs arrived this week: 550 in Columbia and 550 in Ecuador.

Friday Story: The Love of Learning

Greetings , and Happy Friday!

In the developing world, education can be difficult to achieve—it is too expensive or very difficult to access, so many children never receive any type of schooling.  This week I take you to Zambia and share with you a child who couldn’t wait to get to school and how the gift of mobility made it all possible:

When James was just an infant, his mother found out that he would never have enough strength in his legs for proper use and he would never be able to walk. The youngest of six children, James worked hard to be “just like everyone else” and often had questions about why he was not like the other children.

His mother worked hard to treat him the same as she did her other children and wanted James to receive an education, but the nearby schools lacked the proper facilities for children with disabilities. The only way she would be able to provide James with an education was to take him to a specialty school that was over 300 kilometers away, but the family could not afford the school or the travel expenses. Instead, James stayed home and prayed for aid.

At the age of 13, James was given his very own GEN_2 wheelchair—receiving the freedom of mobility he had been waiting for! James started attending school right away and is now receiving perfect scores on all his exams! When our partner, World Vision, asked him what he thought of his new found mobility he said, “The wheelchair helps me get to school. I love school and I love learning. I want to be a teacher when I finish school.”


James’ story is a beautiful example of what the simple gift of a wheelchair can provide. Thank you for your generosity and support of our mission so others can experience mobility, just like James.


Don Schoendorfer

Special Delivery: 1,650 Wheelchairs have Arrived


Happy Thursday!

1,650 wheelchairs arrived this week: 550 in Jamaica, 550 in Columbia and 550 in Peru

Disability Stats for Jamaica:

  • Nearly 11% of the population lives with a disability of some kind which causes daily limitations
  • 20% of those living with a disability are living with some type of physical disability
  • We have been sending wheelchairs to Jamaica since 2005
  • Since then, we have delivered 4,400 wheelchairs to Jamaica

Friday Story: The Surprise of a Lifetime

Greetings, and Happy Friday!

The stories of determination and hope that we receive from the field always bring me joy. It is amazing to me what the gift of a wheelchair can do. Li’s story is no different:

Born in Henan, China, Li struggled through most of his childhood. He and his family lived in extreme poverty and often were unable to put food on the table. When he became old enough, he immediately went to work, determined to work any job that would help take care of the family. After years of hard work and multiple jobs, Li was able to financially care for himself – eventually buying a home and starting his own family.

Unfortunately, at the age of 33, Li was involved in a terrible car accident that resulted in the loss of both legs. He knew that his life and the life of his family was forever changed and he wrestled with how to move forward. The accident prohibited Li from working so the family began to struggle financially, much like he had as a child. For the next 16 years Li dreamed of a wheelchair so that he would be able to get out of bed and help alleviate some of his family’s burden.

In December, Li was given the surprise a lifetime; his very own GEN_1 wheelchair. He sat in disbelief as staff from Country Disabled Person’s Federation brought the gift to his home and offered it to him, free of charge. As Li was placed into his wheelchair, a rare smile appeared on his face and his wife, standing beside him, couldn’t help but weep with joy. Li had dreamed this day would come, but had begun to lose hope. Li was excited for what the future would hold for him and his family.


Li was almost out of hope but a simple wheelchair changed everything. Thank you for providing the gift of mobility to people in need.


Don Schoendorfer

Special Delivery Report: 3,300 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week!

89 year old resident recieves Gen 2 wheelchaitr

Happy Thursday! 3,300 wheelchairs arrived this week: 1,650 in Chile, 550 in Thailand, 550 in Vietnam and 550 in El Salvador!

Disability Stats in Thailand

  • less than 1% of the population is living with a disability
  • 71% of those living with a disability are unemployed
  • 68% of those living with a disability are able to get an education
  • We have been sending wheelchairs to Thailand since 2007
  • Since then, Thailand has received 4,400 wheelchairs

Friday Story: Family Transformation

Greetings , and Happy Friday!

Time and again we receive stories of transformation through the gift of mobility. It not only changes the life of the recipient, but families and caregivers as well. This week’s Friday Story from Mexico is another great one:

Tashami was born with microcephaly and cerebral palsy and has been carried by her mother her entire life. Miriam, Tashami’s mother, explained that due to all of the medical bills for her daughter, the family couldn’t afford the cost of a wheelchair and because she needs to be with Tashami at all times, she has difficulty finding and keeping a job or even getting her daily tasks done.

Just last month, Tashami was able to receive her very own GEN_2 wheelchair and both she and her mother’s lives were instantly changed! It is much easier for Miriam to care for Tashami and now she can take her along with her wherever she may need to go!


Because of a simple gift of a wheelchair a mother and her daughter felt their burden lifted. Thank you for providing the gift of mobility for those that need it—it oftentimes changes more lives than we know!


Don Schoendorfer