Her Second Chance At Simple Pleasures

Edith loved to hear birds sing. She would listen to them every day as she planted and plowed on her field in Swaziland. Hearing the birds' melodic songs was the favorite part of her day – at least, until she’d gather with her beloved family after all their work was done. Now 85 years old, … Continue reading Her Second Chance At Simple Pleasures


October 2017 Recap

The Tour de Scottsdale A team of ambassadors in Arizona raised enough funds at the Tour de Scottsdale to give wheelchairs to 375 people – and, because of the X2 challenge, their gift was matched, doubling their impact to 750. GuideStar Platinum Seal 2017 Free Wheelchair Mission was awarded the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency … Continue reading October 2017 Recap

Vision Team Report from Costa Rica

Today's story comes from Costa Rica, where a vision team was distributing wheelchairs last week. In one neighborhood impacted by Tropical Storm Nate, the team encountered a sweet family in need of a wheelchair. Team leader Georgia writes: Debra is 82 and is very much in love with her husband, Surbullia! He is retired from … Continue reading Vision Team Report from Costa Rica

A Caregiver’s Story

Veronica, 70, lives in a modest home in South Africa. One night, almost ten years ago, she came home from her job as a domestic worker, exhausted and ready for an evening of rest, only to find an agitated crowd waiting for her. They had come out of concern for Veronica's four great-granddaughters. The youngest … Continue reading A Caregiver’s Story

Restoring Hope After She Lost Her Mother

  Anita lives in Guatemala. She was born with cerebral palsy and half of her body is paralyzed. Though she is able to walk short distances, she couldn’t leave the house very often, but that never dampened her exuberance. Anita was always brimming with love, thanks to her loving mother, who had been her primary … Continue reading Restoring Hope After She Lost Her Mother

In Her Own Words: A Donor Story

We often share stories about wheelchair recipients, but what about stories from wheelchair givers? We asked Eleanor T., a high school student from California, to share some thoughts on a recent vision trip that she took with her family to Peru. Eleanor first gave a wheelchair three years ago, when she was moved to donate … Continue reading In Her Own Words: A Donor Story

Monthly Recap – September 2017

Greetings, Several weeks ago, a team returned from distributing wheelchairs in Peru, where they met a young woman named Nicole. Team member Sharon Lewis reports: “Like most other 18-year-olds, Nicole has a dream for her future: she wants to work with children. Nicole’s easygoing, patient style, and her confidence and wit, will bring great qualities … Continue reading Monthly Recap – September 2017