What’s happening in Kenya?

In 2014, we sent a representative to Kenya to study the performance of wheelchairs in a relatively challenging environment. Rutted dirt roads. Potholes. Furniture nestled in tight spaces. These are just some of the obstacles navigated by wheelchair users there each day. The study gave us deeper insight that helped us make further improvements to … Continue reading What’s happening in Kenya?


Hope After Disaster

As of this writing, Hurricane Irma has just cut a path of destruction through the Caribbean, causing devastation unlike anything ever seen there before. Florida is bracing for the storm – one of the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic. This, just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are with … Continue reading Hope After Disaster

Standing with those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Our hearts have been heavy this week as Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. “The impact of this hurricane has devastated (Houston),” said Jenni Granero, our Southwest Senior Development Officer. “As a native Houstonian, my heart aches in sadness for the millions who are affected by this mass destruction.” Familiar landmarks are gone. Homes are … Continue reading Standing with those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Was he really cursed?

Kato, a boy in Uganda, was born with a disability that his village saw as a curse. They shunned him, fearful that they, too, could be cursed by simply associating with him. For years, Kato lived in isolation, ostracized by the community for something he had no control over. Desperate for a way out, Kato’s … Continue reading Was he really cursed?

Mohan gets a new wheelchair in Nepal.

Recovering from Disaster

Mohan, age 79, lives in Nepal with his wife, two sons, and daughter-in-law. In April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake devastated the country, followed three weeks later by a 7.3 aftershock that inflicted further damage and casualties. Mohan's home was destroyed, and over the next few months, he suffered two strokes that rendered him immobile. … Continue reading Recovering from Disaster

91-year-old Eugenia receives a new wheelchair.

Freedom for a Family

Eugenia is a 91-year-old grandmother in Costa Rica who lost her sight nine years ago. Although she can stand up for short periods of time, her loss of vision, coupled with her frail condition, pose too much of a risk for her to move about on her own. Her daughter, Isabel, would constantly hover nearby … Continue reading Freedom for a Family

July 2017 Recap

Have you heard what's been happening at Free Wheelchair Mission? Highlights from July include: The 14th annual Miracle of Mobility gala raised nearly $1.5 million, lifting over 18,000 people off the ground. Two of our special guests, Gregory from Jamaica and Amilcar from El Salvador, were featured in the news when they visited supporters in … Continue reading July 2017 Recap