Mayor in Costa Rica

Another type of miracle

This picture was taken in Costa Rica. I know what you’re thinking– where’s the wheelchair recipient? Did he miraculously get up and start walking? No, but another type of miracle took place. The man in the background, making a phone call, is the mayor of a small town near the Nicaraguan border. He had taken … Continue reading Another type of miracle


A Proper Fit

Michel already had a wheelchair, but it did not fit him properly. An 18-year-old high school student, Michel has been disabled since the age of 12. He sustained an injury while playing soccer and bled profusely due to hemophilia. He spent over a month in the hospital and has not been able to walk ever … Continue reading A Proper Fit


Newfound Freedom

Happy new year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. Have you made any new year’s resolutions? Many people do, as self-improvement is something we all aspire to. In southern Vietnam, a woman named Truong has always strived to do the best that she could for the sake of her loved ones. Truong … Continue reading Newfound Freedom

Jose and family

An Answered Prayer

Preparing for the Future Can you imagine a day without computers? How would we do our jobs, communicate with each other, or conduct important transactions? Technology has become such an integral part of daily life, and technical skills will be in demand for years to come, especially in developing nations. In Cofradia, Honduras, José attends … Continue reading An Answered Prayer


Making her Christmas even more special this year

Christmas is almost here! As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we do so as members of one body around the world. In Cape Town, South Africa, a young woman named Sinazo will go to church as she does every Sunday morning, with a smile on her face, eager to serve any way she can. … Continue reading Making her Christmas even more special this year


Building Community and Confidence

As Christmas Day draws near, we’re reminded that the greatest gift ever given to the world came to us as a child. Giving It Back To Kids (GIBTK), our distribution partner in southern Vietnam, believes that every child is a gift and deserves an education. One of the children whom they’re serving is seven-year-old Ha … Continue reading Building Community and Confidence


He likes to go to school

Ma Hao is in fifth grade. His school is over a half-mile away from his home, in a small town in rural China. Since Ma Hao cannot walk— a lack of oxygen during his birth caused his legs to grow weak– his mother had been carrying him everywhere: to the bathroom, to places down the … Continue reading He likes to go to school