Restoring Hope After She Lost Her Mother

Like many second-graders, Anita loves school. She welcomes each day with glee, eager to see her friends. At a glance, it’s hard to believe that Anita is 40 years old. Anita lives in Guatemala. She was born with cerebral palsy and half of her body is paralyzed. Though she is able to walk short distances, … Continue reading Restoring Hope After She Lost Her Mother


Monthly Recap – September 2017

Greetings, Several weeks ago, a team returned from distributing wheelchairs in Peru, where they met a young woman named Nicole. Team member Sharon Lewis reports: “Like most other 18-year-olds, Nicole has a dream for her future: she wants to work with children. Nicole’s easygoing, patient style, and her confidence and wit, will bring great qualities … Continue reading Monthly Recap – September 2017

Why Does He Need Another Wheelchair?

José lives in a seaside village along the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Every morning since he was 12 years old, José would head out to sea on a fishing boat to earn a living, having learned the trade from his father and grandfather. He was working hard to provide for his wife and children when, … Continue reading Why Does He Need Another Wheelchair?

Help from Afar

People living with disabilities in developing nations often rely on family members to assist them, but what happens when there is no one around to help? Fifty-four-year-old Limin lives alone in a small town in China. In 1991, an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. He had been using a wheelchair for part … Continue reading Help from Afar

What’s happening in Kenya?

In 2014, we sent a representative to Kenya to study the performance of wheelchairs in a relatively challenging environment. Rutted dirt roads. Potholes. Furniture nestled in tight spaces. These are just some of the obstacles navigated by wheelchair users there each day. The study gave us deeper insight that helped us make further improvements to … Continue reading What’s happening in Kenya?

Hope After Disaster

As of this writing, Hurricane Irma has just cut a path of destruction through the Caribbean, causing devastation unlike anything ever seen there before. Florida is bracing for the storm – one of the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic. This, just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are with … Continue reading Hope After Disaster

Was he really cursed?

Kato, a boy in Uganda, was born with a disability that his village saw as a curse. They shunned him, fearful that they, too, could be cursed by simply associating with him. For years, Kato lived in isolation, ostracized by the community for something he had no control over. Desperate for a way out, Kato’s … Continue reading Was he really cursed?