Maria in Peru

Going Places

Maria’s mother had been praying for her to have a better, healthier life. She was born prematurely seven years ago and suffers from spina bifida. At three months of age, Maria was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity, an eye condition that could result in blindness. Then, a widespread infection further aggravated her health when she … Continue reading Going Places


Serving Without Borders

As you know, our mission depends on volunteers all over the world, from assisting with administrative work at our offices to wheelchair assembly and distribution in each of our recipient countries. We also have volunteers doing important work from coffee shops, offices, or perhaps even their living room sofas. Though you might not be able … Continue reading Serving Without Borders

Nico World Cup

Past Pride, Future Hope

At 19,330 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. It would be a major feat for anyone to climb to the top, much less a child. But Nicolai Calabria did when he was 13 years old. And - he did it on crutches. Nicolai, or Nico, was born without his right leg. His … Continue reading Past Pride, Future Hope


Motivated by Love

I hope that these weekly stories have been inspiring and encouraging to you. Hearing about lives being transformed, one wheelchair at a time, reminds us why we do what we do. And it’s not just the lives of people receiving wheelchairs that are being impacted: it’s also those who give the gifts of mobility, those … Continue reading Motivated by Love

Mayor in Costa Rica

Another type of miracle

This picture was taken in Costa Rica. I know what you’re thinking– where’s the wheelchair recipient? Did he miraculously get up and start walking? No, but another type of miracle took place. The man in the background, making a phone call, is the mayor of a small town near the Nicaraguan border. He had taken … Continue reading Another type of miracle


A Proper Fit

Michel already had a wheelchair, but it did not fit him properly. An 18-year-old high school student, Michel has been disabled since the age of 12. He sustained an injury while playing soccer and bled profusely due to hemophilia. He spent over a month in the hospital and has not been able to walk ever … Continue reading A Proper Fit


Newfound Freedom

Happy new year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. Have you made any new year’s resolutions? Many people do, as self-improvement is something we all aspire to. In southern Vietnam, a woman named Truong has always strived to do the best that she could for the sake of her loved ones. Truong … Continue reading Newfound Freedom