Free to Enjoy the Sunshine Because of You

In a rural village just outside of Mianchi, China, 70-year-old Ruan Ying lives in government housing with her husband of 40 years and his ailing mother. Ruan Ying and her family’s home is one without electricity or heat. During the winter, the temperature can get as low as 27° Fahrenheit. “It is very cold, but … Continue reading Free to Enjoy the Sunshine Because of You


Monthly Recap-February 2018

      Wheelchair Arrivals Because of your generosity, 6,076 wheelchairs arrived by ocean container in Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Ukraine, India, and China. Visiting our Distribution Partners During a trip to meet with our distribution partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Executive Director Nuka Solomon received the Rotary Club Flag from … Continue reading Monthly Recap-February 2018

The Story Behind that Smile

Our executive director, Nuka Solomon, recently returned from Haiti, where she connected with our local distribution partners. This trip was especially meaningful, as Nuka has roots in Haiti. There, she met a 14-year-old boy named Grégoire. The youngest of four boys, Grégoire is gentle and sweet, although his mother made it a point to say … Continue reading The Story Behind that Smile

Confident and Free After 30 Years, Thanks to You

The Quang Nam Province is one of the most forested provinces of Vietnam, with more than half of its area covered in lush woodland. Here, 52-year old Van lives with his younger sister in the village of Thanh Van, where he owns a small grocery store. Thirty years ago, while working in the forest, Van … Continue reading Confident and Free After 30 Years, Thanks to You

Because of You, They Haven’t Been Forgotten

Salome is a kind, gentle woman in her late eighties. She lives in a rural part of Costa Rica with her daughter, Rupertina, her son-in-law, and her granddaughter. With limited economic opportunities in the area, Rupertina has long struggled to help support the family while taking care of her mother, who broke her hip in … Continue reading Because of You, They Haven’t Been Forgotten

Transforming Generations

Khuong is a single mother who lives with her 14-year-old son in a small town in Vietnam. She has always been outgoing and loving, taking every opportunity to connect with the people around her. When Khuong was 52, she suffered a stroke that paralyzed one side of her body, leaving her unable to stand, walk, … Continue reading Transforming Generations

Determined to Overcome the Pain

Last year, when I traveled to Peru with a film crew from The Visionaries, we were introduced to a young woman named Maleny. Maleny, 26, loves children. She had been working at her dream job, teaching 1st through 6th graders at an elementary school in Lima, when a mysterious, agonizing pain seized her body. Unable … Continue reading Determined to Overcome the Pain