Contagious Compassion Part II

Two weeks ago, we shared the first part of a story by Karla DeSimone, who had given a wheelchair to a boy named Trung in 2007 and has kept in touch with him since. Trung, Karla, and Hieu, who works for our local distribution partner, recently embarked on a wheelchair distribution and were joined by … Continue reading Contagious Compassion Part II

The First Thing He Noticed From His Wheelchair

I’ll never forget that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I noticed a woman with a disability, crawling along a dusty road in Morocco, pulling herself forward with clawed fingertips as others made their way past her, kicking up dust with every hastened step. With her face that close to the ground, she … Continue reading The First Thing He Noticed From His Wheelchair

Painting Away The Days

Cinthia, a 14-year-old girl in Peru, loves to paint. She first picked up a paintbrush in elementary school, where her mother, Adelina, would carry her to and from each day. Adelina has taken care of her daughter full-time ever since Cinthia developed a disability during birth. Meanwhile, her husband, Jamie, toiled in construction to provide … Continue reading Painting Away The Days

Look At All You’ve Helped Accomplish In April

 Houston Girl Scouts Rally for Mobility On April 16th, more than 50 Girl Scouts from seven different troops came to Summer Creek Baptist Church in Houston to hear about the global need for wheelchairs and learn ways they can make a difference in the world. First Anniversary Giving the Gift of Mobility Thanks to Right … Continue reading Look At All You’ve Helped Accomplish In April

Empowering Lives Around The World From Indiana

Meet Ashley Caveda, a writer and digital marketer for a pro-bono legal clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been a Free Wheelchair Mission ambassador for over five years. Ashley recently visited the Free Wheelchair Mission offices in Irvine, California, and shared why she chose to get involved: “When my younger brother James and I were … Continue reading Empowering Lives Around The World From Indiana

Ever Feel Like An Underdog?

Meet Erge, a 27-year-old woman who lives with her parents in a small village in China. She was born with cerebral palsy. Erge’s parents took care of her throughout her childhood. When she became of age, Erge got married and lived with her husband’s family. Her husband also lived with a disability, so Erge’s mother-in-law … Continue reading Ever Feel Like An Underdog?

New Life, Second Chances, and Renewed Hope

Today is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and as I reflect on what this season means, a story from Nicaragua comes to mind. “Seven years ago, I was in a bar, drinking with friends,” recalled a young man named Juan Carlos. “There was a very violent argument during which a man drew … Continue reading New Life, Second Chances, and Renewed Hope

Free to Enjoy the Sunshine Because of You

In a rural village just outside of Mianchi, China, 70-year-old Ruan Ying lives in government housing with her husband of 40 years and his ailing mother. Ruan Ying and her family’s home is one without electricity or heat. During the winter, the temperature can get as low as 27° Fahrenheit. “It is very cold, but … Continue reading Free to Enjoy the Sunshine Because of You

Monthly Recap-February 2018

      Wheelchair Arrivals Because of your generosity, 6,076 wheelchairs arrived by ocean container in Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Ukraine, India, and China. Visiting our Distribution Partners During a trip to meet with our distribution partners in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Executive Director Nuka Solomon received the Rotary Club Flag from … Continue reading Monthly Recap-February 2018

The Story Behind that Smile

Our executive director, Nuka Solomon, recently returned from Haiti, where she connected with our local distribution partners. This trip was especially meaningful, as Nuka has roots in Haiti. There, she met a 14-year-old boy named Grégoire. The youngest of four boys, Grégoire is gentle and sweet, although his mother made it a point to say … Continue reading The Story Behind that Smile