Greetings , and Happy Friday!

Our wheelchairs often provide more than just the gift of mobility. In this week’s Friday Story, Guillermo also received the gift of community:

Guillermo wanted to be part of his community, but his lack of mobility forced him to remain close to home. All of this changed two months ago when Camino de Vida, our partner in Peru, gave him his very own FWM wheelchair and invited him to their church. And this past Sunday, he finally made it! 

When the team recognized him, they asked him how he was enjoying his new wheelchair. “It’s like I have come back to life,” he said, “like I can walk again.” And even more important, during the church service, he raised his hand for salvation and signed up for the New Believers Class.

In a single day, Guillermo’s life was changed forever―the wheelchair lifted him off the ground and now Guillermo has the opportunity to be surrounded by others and is excited to be part of a church community. Thank you for helping Guillermo’s dreams come true.

Transformations like these are happening every day because of your generosity. Thank you for helping our recipients live fuller lives with the gift of mobility.

Don’t forget! Today is the LAST DAY of the. You can MULTIPLY your impact   and help others just like Guillermo be lifted off the ground!


Don Schoendorfer


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