How will he get to school?

Ma Hao is in fifth grade. His school is over a half-mile away from his home, in a small town in rural China. Since Ma Hao cannot walk— a lack of oxygen during his birth caused his legs to grow weak– his mother had been carrying him everywhere: to the bathroom, to places down the … Continue reading How will he get to school?

More Thankful Than Words Can Say

Alejandro has not spoken for more than 20 years. He has not been able to walk for his entire life. He is now 50 years old and lives with his mother, Fortunata, in a remote Peruvian village. Alejandro’s father died when he was just a little boy. He never went to school. His mother remembers, … Continue reading More Thankful Than Words Can Say

Mobility Transforming Generations

Issac is 82 years old. His granddaughter, Gabby, is 29 years old. They live two blocks apart from each other in Mexico City, Mexico. Isaac worked as a cab driver for 50 years. Now, because of severe hip and back pain, he cannot walk. Gabby suffers from diabetes and kidney failure. Before our team arrived, … Continue reading Mobility Transforming Generations

Thankful for Dads

As Father’s Day approaches, I’m aware of how much weight is on the shoulders of the dads we work with around the world. We see a lot of fathers at wheelchair distributions. Sometimes they are carrying their children or wives or parents to receive a wheelchair, and their joy at seeing their family members gain … Continue reading Thankful for Dads

From Calamity to Commerce

Thirteen years ago a flash flood came through Gilgit-Balitstan, Pakistan. The waters destroyed Nizam-Ud-Din’s home. His father was killed, and he and his two siblings were left with permanent disabilities. Though he was still a teenager, Nizam-Ud-Din became the sole breadwinner for his family. For years they struggled as he tried to earn money and … Continue reading From Calamity to Commerce

Thankful for Moms

It's almost Mother's Day. We wouldn’t be here without moms. They are the backbone of daily life whether they’re parenting their own children, helping a neighbor or running a business. And moms are always present at wheelchair distributions. Sometimes they arrive carrying their children and sometimes they are the ones being carried, but they always … Continue reading Thankful for Moms

New Plans

Life sometimes has a way of turning out differently than we plan. Fred didn't even consider his parents dying as soon as they did or that he would be involved in a motorcycle accident that would change his life. After his parents died, Fred looked for a job to save money to put himself through … Continue reading New Plans

Transformation for One, Change for Many

Our partner, Food For The Poor Guyana Inc., met Davika and her family in their home. They immediately noticed the ashy callouses on her knees and discovered that when she’s alone, Davika can only get around by dragging herself on the cement floor. Davika is the eldest child with six younger siblings, but in many … Continue reading Transformation for One, Change for Many

Overcoming Obstacles Together

Don Amilcar was born with spina bifida that paralyzed his legs. His family was so committed to keeping his life as normal as possible that his father carried him to school every day, and his dedication helped Amilcar graduate from high school. While getting an education was hard, finding a job was even harder. Immobility … Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles Together

Giving Good Gifts

This week we bring you a story from China where a Vision Trip team worked in October with our distribution partner Henan Disabled Person’s Federation. After climbing up and down the streets in a hilly village, we found the Shang family home at the bottom of a hill next to a field where the corn had been recently … Continue reading Giving Good Gifts