Monthly Recap – January 2018

Wheelchair Arrivals Because of your generosity, 3,968 wheelchairs arrived by ocean container in Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, and Vietnam. Test Track Installation Complete Developed in partnership with the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and RPM & Associates, this test track will provide valuable data that will ultimately benefit the people … Continue reading Monthly Recap – January 2018

Keyler Goes To Kindergarten

Keyler is six years old and lives in Nicaragua's capital city of Managua. Keyler's life has been filled with tragedy and hardship, even before birth. He had a twin brother who died in utero, and Keyler was born with Cerebral Palsy. His parents cannot afford quality medical care, and they understand very little about his … Continue reading Keyler Goes To Kindergarten

The Greatest Gift I Have Ever Received

Javier lives in Honduras and received a GEN_2 wheelchair in April of this year. Javier worked for a large cruise ship years ago, but he developed diabetes and had to stop working because of severe hypertension. He eventually had to have his right leg amputated. With no way to earn money and support his family, … Continue reading The Greatest Gift I Have Ever Received

The Happiest Person You Could Meet

Kelly is one of the happiest people you could ever meet. Her vibrant spirit fills her family’s modest home with life and love. She is always full of joy – constantly cracking jokes and laughing. Kelly lives with her parents, two siblings, and grandmother in a Guatemalan neighborhood known as the “red zone” due to … Continue reading The Happiest Person You Could Meet

Mobility Opens Doors

Odett is from Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, making it very difficult for her to move on her own. Unlike many people with disabilities in the developing world, Odett did have access to a borrowed wheelchair, but that wheelchair was very old and not very useful. Odett recently received a … Continue reading Mobility Opens Doors

Overcoming Obstacles Together

Don Amilcar was born with spina bifida that paralyzed his legs. His family was so committed to keeping his life as normal as possible that his father carried him to school every day, and his dedication helped Amilcar graduate from high school. While getting an education was hard, finding a job was even harder. Immobility … Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles Together

One Family’s Double Blessing

Last month a Vision Trip team went to Costa Rica and distributed 150 wheelchairs in seven locations with our distribution partner, Do It Center Foundation. In the city of La Cruz they were able to bless one family twice! Nicolasa has spent a lifetime putting others before herself. She raised nine children who live nearby … Continue reading One Family’s Double Blessing

Friday Story: Above and Beyond for Mobility

Greetings , and Happy Friday! To provide the gift of mobility, Free Wheelchair Mission partners with hard working, in-country organizations who help coordinate the wheelchair distributions. They do amazing work and we are grateful for their partnership. This week I wanted to share with you how one of our distribution partners in Nicaragua went above … Continue reading Friday Story: Above and Beyond for Mobility

Special Delivery: 1,650 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week!

Central and South America are getting mobility this week! 1,650 wheelchairs arrived in 3 different ports this week: 550 in Guatemala, 550 in Ecuador and 550 in Honduras!

Monday Recap: From the Field

Greetings and happy Friday Monday! Free Wheelchair Mission has seen a few changes over the past few months and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. One of those was the hiring of Mr. Reed Hartley to step into the role of Executive Director. He has vast experience working with nonprofits … Continue reading Monday Recap: From the Field