An Easter Together! (Updated!)

Sign up here to give blood! Give blood, give mobility!

Remember last week when we mentioned there were two opportunities to give blood and support Free Wheelchair Mission? This is the second one!
This Saturday at the Pacific Amphitheater at the OC Fairgrounds we are presenting An Easter Together with Rock Harbor church and Francis Chan! It’s going to be an amazing time of worship and reflection and the event is being put on to benefit FWM! Awesome!

Before worship starts at 5PM (doors open at 4) we will be hosting a blood drive with Blood for Missions from 1-5. They have upped their usual donation of $20/blood donor to $21.32–that means that every three people who donate blood will provide a wheelchair! Plus, the first 150 people to pre-register (LINK) get a free ticket to the event! And, since you’ll need to refuel after your donation we will have some of OC’s finest food trucks out to fill you up (click any of the logos below to see their menu)! We hope to see you there!

Opportunities for Anyone with Blood: NO ZOMBIES.

We have a couple of blood drive events coming up that will benefit Free Wheelchair Mission. You can’t do both of them because you have to wait 2 months between whole-blood donations (and these are about a week apart) so we’re telling you about both here.

We partner up with a group called Blood for Missions to put these on. For every blood donation made BFM will give us $20. That means for (roughly) every third donation, a wheelchair is provided. It’s a sweet deal!

The first one is today from 11AM-4PM! Yes! Let us repeat that: THERE IS A BLOOD DRIVE TODAY FROM 11AM-4PM! TODAY! Vizio, a local electronics company, has been gracious enough to host an event to support us. Thanks, Vizio! If you’re interested in giving blood today (not a bad way to spend a Thursday–giving someone mobility and another person blood) you can go here to sign up, or you can just walk up and donate. Come out. Give blood. Transform lives. Today.

The second blood drive will be before An Easter Together on Saturday, April 7 in front of the Pacific Amphitheater at the OC Fairgrounds from 1PM-5PM. This one comes with goodies–the first 150 people who preregister for the blood drive will get a free ticket to the event. Not only that, but Blood for Missions has upped the ante so that instead of the normal $20 donation they will donate $21.32 so that every three donations is exactly one wheelchair. Good stuff. Plus there’s going to be food trucks there so if you need to recharge after you give blood you can do so with a veritable smorgasbord of delectables to choose from followed by an awesome time of worship and message from Francis Chan. If all that won’t get you to head over and donate blood, then we don’t know what will. Sign up here.

Thanks everybody–we know you guys are awesome and will be there!