Transforming Generations

Khuong is a single mother who lives with her 14-year-old son in a small town in Vietnam. She has always been outgoing and loving, taking every opportunity to connect with the people around her. When Khuong was 52, she suffered a stroke that paralyzed one side of her body, leaving her unable to stand, walk, … Continue reading Transforming Generations


Determined to Overcome the Pain

Last year, when I traveled to Peru with a film crew from The Visionaries, we were introduced to a young woman named Maleny. Maleny, 26, loves children. She had been working at her dream job, teaching 1st through 6th graders at an elementary school in Lima, when a mysterious, agonizing pain seized her body. Unable … Continue reading Determined to Overcome the Pain

Have you seen it yet?

In 2017, a documentary titled Because No One Should Have to Crawl was produced by a talented team of filmmakers for the PBS television series, Visionaries. This powerful film documents and celebrates the distribution of our one-millionth wheelchair, capturing a special moment in a moving, memorable way. Special screenings were held at events around the … Continue reading Have you seen it yet?

Restoring Joy in Ecuador

We received an encouraging report from Isabel Valdez de Escala of Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil (JBG), one of our distribution partners in Ecuador, where you have helped send 21,460 wheelchairs to date. One of them is a girl named Jennifer, the fourth of five children born in a suburb of Guayaquil, the largest, most … Continue reading Restoring Joy in Ecuador

New Life at Eight

For many children around the world, an eighth birthday is cause for celebration, anticipated with anxious excitement months in advance. In Jamaica, however, a little boy named Antwon wasn’t so elated to turn eight. He faced his birthday with melancholy, just like he did the year before. “As young as Antwon is, he has had … Continue reading New Life at Eight

How one wheelchair would help over 7,000 people

A word of thanks from Uganda Francis Mugwanya, founder and director of Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry in Uganda, recently visited our office and shared this holiday message of gratitude to you: Francis knows firsthand the impact that the gift of a wheelchair can make. He has been unable to walk ever since contracting polio at … Continue reading How one wheelchair would help over 7,000 people

Bringing out the best (and bringing him to tears)

“I pride myself as one of the toughest of cookies,” said Tember, “but I broke down in private four times after being overwhelmed by emotions upon giving recipients improved mobility.” Greetings, The Rotary Club of Harare Central, our distribution partner in Zimbabwe, recently received a container of 440 wheelchairs, thanks to a generous donation by … Continue reading Bringing out the best (and bringing him to tears)