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12 thoughts on “Contact

      1. dear Komal i am rev.fr John alphonse from India Now I am working a parish in Koneripatti village as a parish priest South India, Salem Diocese. When i was in Sankagiri parish i got eight free wheel chair for the disabled people. Now i need ten freewheel chair for disabled persons. They are very poor people. If you need further information i will give details to you.
        Thank you Yours in Christ
        Fr.John Alphonse
        St.Mary’s Church
        Koneripatti post
        Thammampatti Via
        Gangavalli Tk
        Salem Dt
        South India

  1. I know someone who needs a wheelchair now and is having no luck with anywhere if you know who can help with this please call me 619-819-1724 my name is nicole

  2. my brother needs a wheel chair who has lost a part of both legs.he finds the plastic chair with wheels comfortable which is not available in the market ,can u do the needful in getting that specific kind of wheel chair .regards

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