Special Delivery: 2,750 Wheelchair Arrive this Week!



Happy Thursday! 2,750 wheelchairs arrived this week: 550 in Honduras, 1,100 in India and 1,100 in Mexico.

Disability Stats in Mexico

  • Approximately 2% of the population in Mexico lives with a disability
  • Between the ages of 15-29,15% of those living with disabilities are are educated
  • Free Wheelchair Mission has been delivering wheelchairs since 2003
  • Since then, we have delivered 15,645 wheelchairs
  • Since January, we have delivered (our largest amount in the calendar year) 4,095 wheelchairs

Special Delivery: 5,500 Wheelchairs Arrived This Week

This sweet woman is from Honduras


I am sure you are wondering: “did I read that right??” Well, you are! Yep- 5,500 Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchairs arrived in countries all over the word this week!! We actually set a record for ourselves with this weeks report, as this is the largest Special Delivery post we have ever shared! The breakdown of where each of these containers landed is so cool that we thought I would share it with you in a new way….

  • 1,100 chairs for Panama
  • 1,100 chairs for Mexico
  • 1,100 chairs for Pakistan
  • 1,100 chairs in Vietnam
  • 550 chairs for Malawi
  • 550 chairs in Honduras

WOW! That is a lot of chairs….and that means a lot of recipients are going to be receiving mobility very soon. We wanted to share some fascinating disability stats with you, as we have been, but couldn’t decide which country to share about, so instead, here is a few interesting facts from each of them. Although it can be very hard to concretely know the percentage of residents living with disability here are the stats I could find.

Pakistan:10%          Vietnam: 6.6%           Malawi: 4.2%            Honduras: 2.6%                                      Mexico: 2%                                              Panama: 1.8%


Pakistan has the highest percentage of disability with a whopping 10 percent. Mexico has the lowest at 1.8. Pakistan also has the largest population: 179.2 million where as Panama has the smallest with a humble (comparatively to the other countries) 3.8 million. In comparison, Mexico is the largest country of this list and Panama continues to be the smallest. Of the 6 countries, Vietnam has received the highest number of wheelchairs from us! Since 2001, Vietnam has given the gift of mobility to over 108,000 people in need. With all 6 countries we have given out: 159,775 wheelchairs since 2001! What a great week to tell you about Free Wheelchair Mission and to show all that you are doing. Thanks for your help in bringing mobility to 5,500 people in desperate need.

Friday Story: Independence for Education

Greetings, and happy Friday!This week we have 20 sea-going containers filled with wheelchairs en-route to 11 different countries around the globe.  One of those containers contains 550 GEN_2 wheelchairs destined to provide independence, hope and mobility to individuals living in El Salvador.  This week’s story was provided by FWM staff member, Ariel, from a distribution trip she took a few months back:


After driving through a hilly area with lots of vegetation, we parked our vehicles at the bottom of a steep set of stairs.  We were told a young man at the top was to receive a wheelchair.  Our group made it to the top and were greeted by Jonathan, 16 years old, who is paralyzed from the waist down from an unknown birth defect.  One of five children, Jonathan has to be carried down the steep stairs and several miles to school every day by his mother, who holds him on her hip like a small child.  As a good student and eager to learn, Jonathan was proud to show us his school workbooks, displaying meticulously neat penmanship. 

This new wheelchair brings mobility and independence, something Jonathan has longed for – and allows for him to continue his education, something he is proud of.  It also brings his mother and siblings relief as they continue to support his growth, journey and education.


I love stories of children who place their education in high regard and for families who also support that knowledge, despite any setbacks.  Thank you for providing a wheelchair for Jonathan.  I hope that his new sense of independence and mobility catapults him into a life that is truly blessed.  THANK YOU for helping us to provide such a gift to children around the world!






Special Delivery: 550 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week

550 Wheelchairs arrived in Vietnam this week!

According to a study done in 2000, 1.3 million people are living with a disability in Vietnam –35% of which are living with a physical disability?

87% of the 1.3 million are living in rural areas — giving them less access to food, water, transportation, health care etc.

On top of that staggering statistic -63% of the disabled in rural areas are of working age — but unable to work.

The MAIN cause of motor disability in the rural areas are from illness or disease (35%)


Thank you for changing lives through the gift of mobility and helping us give 550 wheelchairs to Vietnam this week.

Special Delivery: 2,200 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week


This week was another big week as 2,200 wheelchairs arrived!

550 wheelchairs arrived in India, 550 arrived in China and 1,100 arrived in Angola!!!

Angola was the second country Free Wheelchair Mission ever distributed to. When Don first created our Gen_1 prototype, he built 100 wheelchairs in his garage. He became so focused on the wheelchairs and the idea of giving mobility, his family actually started to get a little concerned. I’m sure they weren’t expecting him to start an organization that has given away 781,000 wheelchairs all over the developing world! If you haven’t watched his story yet, you can watch this video about him and how FWM started by clicking here.

After his first trip to India and giving away some of the chairs he had built, Don was able to send some more to India and his first ever batch to Angola.

When Don arrived in Angola, he was shocked about how severe the need was.  Free Wheelchair Mission wasn’t born yet, and there was no thorough process of choosing recipients, creating distributions or finding partners.

There was a need… and a solution. 

As Don arrived at the distribution site he realized there was already a line of people anxiously waiting for a wheelchair. He got to work right away, diligently getting the wheelchairs out of the car and giving them to recipients. However, as the sun continued to move across the sky and the number of wheelchairs available started to shrink, the number of people waiting for their own chance at mobility continued to grow. Not only was the number growing, but the people who were coming last, who had taken a much longer time to arrive, would most likely would be leaving without a wheelchair…and sadly they were the ones whose conditions were the worst.

There was no way he would be able to give mobility to all those people in need. But, this was just the start of Free Wheelchair Mission – this is how we came to be. Don recognized how dire the need was and his passion to give wheelchairs away, free of cost, only continued to grow.

Here is a picture from Don’s first distribution in Angola.

Notice the difference? No brakes, no footrest, no cushion, no air pump and no hand rims. Now look back at the picture up top. Look how far we have come. 

Thank you for helping Free Wheelchair Mission come this far. Thank you for helping change lives and for providing mobility to those in desperate need. Thank you, for believing as we do, that no one should have to crawl.

Special Delivery: 1,100 Wheelchairs Arrive this Week

1,100 wheelchairs arrived this week: 550 in India, 550 in Mexico


Stats about India: 

  • One of our partners: Sathyam Ministries
  • Total Population: 1,028,610,328
  • Estimated Population that is disabled: nearly 22 million, or 2% of the population
  • estimated population that is disabled by movement: 6 million
  • Number of wheelchairs shipped since 2001: 92,570
  • Percentage of our wheelchairs that have gone to India: 11%

Final Volunteerism Award Nominee

The Volunteerism Awards are only two days away and we only have one more volunteer to share! We have talked about Evan as well on the blog and we are excited to celebrate him and the award ceremony this week!

Evan first volunteers for Free Wheelchair Mission in 2012 at the Long Beach Marathon. Since then, he has been a dedicated weekly volunteer who is always willing to help in any way that he can. His heart for Free Wheelchair Mission is evident in his dedication to come in week after week.

He has helped with many tasks including: management of our warehouse, wheelchair inventory and individual wheelchair shipping procedures. These tasks are not easy and can be somewhat disorganized by nature but are tasks that are crucial to our fundraising and spreading awareness of our vision. He has made things run smoother and words do not suffice to express our gratitude for his dedication.

Above it all, he is considered a friend to everyone in the office and everyone loves when he comes in to volunteer. Evan is consistent, innovative, hardworking and a great friend to all of us. His efforts have truly made a difference in our office and those in need of a wheelchair around the world!

Please click here to see his official nomination and wish him a congratulations!