Life sometimes has a way of turning out differently than we plan. Fred didn’t even consider his parents dying as soon as they did or that he would be involved in a motorcycle accident that would change his life.

After his parents died, Fred looked for a job to save money to put himself through school. And then at 21, he was in a motorcycle accident where his passenger was killed, and Fred sustained a serious spinal cord injury. After being comatose for months, he regained consciousness and was able to leave the hospital and move in with his older sister. Through all of this Fred chose to put his trust in God.

FridayStory_031616Our distribution partner in Uganda, Father’s Heart Mobility (FHM), met Fred when he was at his most hopeless. He spent his days reading his Bible at home and waiting for—but not expecting—a miracle. People had promised him wheelchairs before, so he didn’t believe FHM when they interviewed him and found him to be a good candidate to receive one in their next distribution.

Three years after his accident, Fred was ecstatic to receive his GEN_2 wheelchair. He learned how to get in and out of it himself so he could get around the house. He even built up the strength to wheel himself four kilometers to church and then home again.

A friend offered him a job as a shopkeeper complete with rides each day to and from work. But the GEN_2 wouldn’t fit in the car. Thankfully FHM had a few GEN_3 collapsible wheelchairs, and they were able to trade out his GEN_2 for a GEN_3!

Fred believes it was God’s divine plan that connected him with FHM and Free Wheelchair Mission. So many doors have opened for him already, and he trusts God will continue to provide for him.

Thank you for the role you play in providing the gift of mobility around the world to those who need it most.

Don Schoendorfer


One thought on “New Plans

  1. Iam excited that PWDs in Mityana District will be getting free wheel Chairs from 07th to 11th August 2017,
    May God bless this ministry

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