There is such a great need for wheelchairs, and every recipient’s story is unique.

hernestinaIn a recent report from our distribution partner in Chile, Fundación FEDES, the breadth of the need was captured so well. Their recipients spanned a wide range in age, ability and disability. Some had lost limbs because of disease or accident. Some had chronic health issues that made walking impossible. Some had never had the ability to walk. Some found ways to work and go to school, while others were completely homebound and dependent on family or friends for all their needs.

One grateful recipient was Hernestina. Her daughter said, “My mom is so happy with her wheelchair! She is so amazed that she does not have to stay inside her room all day. Now she can go outside, visit the neighbors and also get fresh air on her patio. She has heart problems and a bad respiratory disease. She worked picking fruit and got really sick from the pesticides in the fields. This wheelchair is a miracle from God!

To our recipients, the gift of mobility truly is a miracle. What a humbling thought!

Free Wheelchair Mission wouldn’t exist and couldn’t change lives without you. Thank you for your faithful support and generosity.


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