I can’t stop thinking about this story we just received from our distribution partner in China, the Henan Disabled Person’s Federation (HDPF). I hope you’ll be as encouraged by it as I am!

Gao worked as a laborer in factories and building sites, but one day as he unloaded a truck the materials shifted and fell on his legs. As a result of the accident, he lost not only the ability to walk but also the means to provide for himself and his parents.

FridayStory_030416Unable to do manual labor, Gao looked for a new line of work. He took an IT class offered by HDPF. After he finished the course, he got a job in customer service that allowed him to work from home. His determination and hard work led him to be named an outstanding employee of the year.

Last fall he received a wheelchair from HDPF. Seated in his new GEN_2 after the distribution ceremony, he turned to a volunteer and said, “I can’t believe there are caring people overseas so concerned about disabled people around the world that they’d offer a free wheelchair. We should follow in their steps and help other people as well. I don’t just want to be a receiver. I want to be a giver of my love to others this year.”

Your generosity and compassion change lives. Thank you for modeling what it means to give!


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