Hazrat is the sole provider for his family of six. When he was in an accident and his left leg was severely damaged, his already challenging economic situation became much harder. The doctor’s best efforts to save his leg were not successful, and they had to amputate.

Newly equipped with crutches, he returned to the small shop he owned in a bazaar near his village. But it was difficult to get around and conduct business on crutches. He desperately wanted to be able to run his shop independently and effectively. Instead, he needed help he couldn’t afford.

FridayStory_022316Our distribution partner, Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP), assessed Hazrat’s situation and saw how much he would benefit from a wheelchair. Almost as soon as he received his GEN_1 wheelchair, Hazrat mastered using it and couldn’t wait to get back to work!

As he thanked AKFP, he asked for his thanks to be passed on to Free Wheelchair Mission as well.

We in turn thank you. Without your generous support Hazrat would still be struggling to earn enough to care for his family.

Together we have the privilege of providing the transforming gift of mobility to many whose stories we’ll never know, but how wonderful to know stories of changed lives are being written every day!


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