Our partner, Food For The Poor Guyana Inc., met Davika and her family in their home. They immediately noticed the ashy callouses on her knees and discovered that when she’s alone, Davika can only get around by dragging herself on the cement floor.

Davika is the eldest child with six younger siblings, but in many ways they look out for her. She was born with a disability and has never been able to walk. She has never gone to school. She’s been largely confined to the house. But Davika’s siblings share what they’ve learned with her as soon as they get home from school. They make sure she’s always included.

Davinika 2-editedA few days after their first meeting, our partners returned with a GEN_2 wheelchair for Davika and other items for the family. Her siblings were ecstatic and began making plans for all the things they could do with Davika now that she had a wheelchair. They may have been more excited than she was!

Through the gift of mobility our partners have been able to establish an ongoing relationship with Davika’s family and are continuing to find ways to support them as they work to improve their economic and social conditions.

Thank you for your commitment to providing mobility and the life change that comes with it. Davika is up off the ground now, and her family has new hope, because of your generous support!

Don Schoendorfer





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