Mr. Thai lost both his legs to landmines over 40 years ago in Vietnam. After that he moved around by using two low stools. He placed one stool in front of the other stool. Then he used his arms to swing himself onto the front stool. He moved the rear stool in front and repeated the process over and over. It was a long, slow way to move for a very active man.

For decades Mr. Thai repaired bicycles in his home. But now that he’s retired, he loves to help his wife with chores around the house and getting out to socialize with friends and family. His busy life became much easier when he received one of the first GEN_3 wheelchairs distributed in 2014. “It’s like new legs,” he said.

FridayStory_021216Almost two years later, Mr. Thai continues to push his wheelchair to the limit. He hefts it up from the ground into his raised home and back down again. He folds it up to take it in vehicles. He uses it all day long both inside and outside. He even uses it the rain.

Like Mr. Thai, many people make their own accommodations for their disabilities, but receiving the gift of mobility saves them time and effort and allows them to engage more easily with their communities.

Thank you for helping to lift lives off the ground!

Don Schoendorfer


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