We love sharing stories with you every week, and we hope you love receiving them! As you can imagine, there is always a story behind the story … and an ongoing story still being written.

This week we received an email from Liliana who works with our distribution partner, Camino de Vida, in Peru. She shared an unfolding story of mobility, and it was too good to keep to ourselves.

FridayStory-Peru_020516Two years ago Liliana was walking home. As she waited at a stop light to cross the street she noticed another woman waiting to cross the street. In her arms she was carrying her almost ten year old son. Moved by the sight of this woman and her son, Liliana struck up a conversation and found out that every day she carried Fabricio many, many blocks because he couldn’t walk. Liliana knew only God could give a mother the strength to carry her growing son so far.

Shortly thereafter Fabricio received a GEN_2 wheelchair in one of Camino de Vida’s distributions, but the story doesn’t end there. Last Saturday, as Liliana walked along a street she glanced up and saw her path about to cross with a woman and a boy in a wheelchair. It was Fabricio and his mom. Liliana stopped to talk with them and snapped this picture on her phone, and she wrote, “my heart was so happy to see them again but now in a better quality of life!!”

These weekly stories capture a moment in time, but what a gift to know the story is much bigger. The impact on the lives of recipients and their families continues to be felt for years to come thanks to your generous support!

Don Schoendorfer


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