Don Amilcar was born with spina bifida that paralyzed his legs. His family was so committed to keeping his life as normal as possible that his father carried him to school every day, and his dedication helped Amilcar graduate from high school.

While getting an education was hard, finding a job was even harder. Immobility robbed him of most opportunities, but not all of them. Amilcar learned the art of piñateria, so he could make and sell piñatas from his home in El Salvador. His work was excellent, yet getting out and distributing his finished products was a consistent challenge. His parents encouraged him and helped every way possible, but they could no longer carry him.

Amilcar persevered. He married and had two daughters. But he and his family never stopped dreaming of a wheelchair, which would allow him to get out on his own and increase his piñata sales. It would allow him to be more self-sufficient and help his whole family to thrive.

Don Amilcar FSOn the day New Horizons Foundation for the Poor arrived with a GEN_2 wheelchair for Amilcar, the whole family was overjoyed. His mother and wife couldn’t stop smiling as Amilcar settled into his wheelchair, and his young daughter couldn’t wait to climb into his lap.

Thank you, our dedicated supporters, for helping us honor the faithfulness of men and women around the world who have waited so patiently for the gift of mobility!

Don Schoendorfer


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