Rebeca is 24 years old. She was born with congenital limb defects in the suburbs of Luanda, Angola, but her family committed to giving her as normal a life as possible. They carried her wherever she needed to go.

“As I got older and increased in weight and height, my father could no longer just pick me up and carry me to the school I needed to attend, which was farther from home. Consequently, I had to stay home, without going to school, for four years.”

Eventually Rebeca’s family managed to get a wheelchair so she was able to finish high school. Unfortunately, Rebeca became homebound again because her wheelchair broke, but her community recognized her passion for education and began sending their children to her home to be tutored, and they paid her with monthly donations.

FridayStory_012216Rebeca said, “the children are our future. It is important for me to do what I can so the children do not fall behind in their education like I did a few years ago.”

When she received her GEN_2 wheelchair, Rebeca said, “It was an answer to my prayers. I am thankful and overjoyed. This invaluable wheelchair will allow me to engage in more daily activities than I was able to in the past. Whenever I crawl around, I can’t help but feel humiliated. Now, I will move around with dignity, without having to crawl in the dust all the time. With this wheelchair, I am free. With this wheelchair, I will visit my relatives with pride, satisfaction and without any remorse of being a weight to them!”

Rebeca’s final words are to each of you, our generous supporters: “I thank God for everything, and I feel indebted to everybody who made this wheelchair donation possible.”

We, too, are thankful for you and your commitment to giving the gift of mobility to the Rebecas of the world.

Don Schoendorfer


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