Disability can ripple through generations of a family. One incident, one illness, one moment can affect many people for years.

FridayStory_011516For Bajin’s family one day changed all of their lives. He was injured in a car accident and lost his mobility when he was 41 years old. In the 23 years since then his two daughters have moved away to find work to help support the family. The daily burdens of getting necessities from town, caring for the house and caring for Bajin fell on his wife. Some days she was able to get him onto a pallet-like wheelbarrow and take him out. Other days she made the walk to town alone.

In October a team of FWM supporters made home visits with our partner in China, Henan Disabled Person’s Federation. Together they visited Bajin in his home and fitted him in his own GEN_2 wheelchair.

Now Bajin looks forward to being able to get outside and go into town to sell his roosters. He’s already looking for ways to lighten the load his wife has been shouldering for more than two decades. The effects of his newfound mobility will continue to ripple and spread through each member of their family.

Thank you for your commitment to seeing lives change through the gift of mobility. These stories of transformation wouldn’t be possible without your generous support.

Don Schoendorfer


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