We love to share stories of the joy and immediate relief upon receiving the gift of mobility. But today we want to share the wonderful story of ongoing life transformation one family in Peru has experienced.

Doreli was forced to quit her job with an airline to care for her beautiful baby girl, Aimar, who was born with serious health issues. She made ends meet with support from her ex-husband and help from her parents.

Aimar FSThree years ago, Aimar received a GEN_2 wheelchair, and it changed both their lives. Mobility made trips for therapy possible, and therapy in turn made Aimar more autonomous. Her fine motor skills improved and she could pick up toys and even help with chores, such as sweeping the floors. She was able to begin attending school, and she could go with Doreli to the market and to visit neighbors, which gave them both much needed interactions outside the house.

Aimar’s confidence and self-reliance soared as she began participating in normal childhood activities. She even won a costume contest at school!

The changes for Aimar also meant changes for her mom. Doreli was able to get a job as an education assistant at an elementary school and begin taking university courses as well. And this past summer they were able to move out of her parents’ home into their own place in another town.

The ongoing effects of mobility spread far beyond the initial gift. Your generosity provides mobility, which ripples out and touches all areas of the recipients’ and their families’ lives. Thank you for lifting and changing lives around the world!


Don Schoendorfer

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