Last month a Vision Trip team went to Costa Rica and distributed 150 wheelchairs in seven locations with our distribution partner, Do It Center Foundation. In the city of La Cruz they were able to bless one family twice!

20151108_091948 Nicolasa MargaritaNicolasa has spent a lifetime putting others before herself. She raised nine children who live nearby and help care for her. A few years ago she received a wheelchair to help her get around as her Parkinson’s disease made walking difficult. But she could still walk a little, and she knew someone who needed a wheelchair even more than she did, so she gave hers away. Now at 95 and unable to walk at all, she was ecstatic to receive a GEN_2 wheelchair. This time she is keeping it for herself and can’t wait to be more independent.

A year ago Nicolasa’s daughter Margarita, 65, went to bed feeling fine. But when she awoke in the morning, she had no strength in her legs. Doctors have been unable to pinpoint what happened, though they speculate bacteria in her spinal cord may have caused the problem. Nothing has helped her regain her strength, so a grandson has been carrying her. When she received her own GEN_2 wheelchair she said, “Now I can cook!” Like her mom, Margarita finds great joy in caring for others, including her five sons, three daughters and many grandchildren.

In one day, with the simple gift of two wheelchairs, the lives of so many family members across four generations changed. What joy to see such transformation!

Thank you, our faithful supporters, for being agents of mercy around the world. It is your generosity fueling our mission to provide the gift of mobility to as many people in as many places as possible. Together we are seeing lives changed!


Don Schoendorfer

P.S. Looking for gift ideas? Visit our Christmas Shop to find a card or eCard to give to that special someone in your life. The card recipient will be able to designate a wheelchair to go to one of the three continents we serve.


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