As we give thanks this week, will you join us in expressing gratitude for our partners around the world who receive and distribute wheelchairs?

In Malawi, the Namikango Mission staff carefully unloads box after box from the trailer of a 40-foot truck. Each box contains possibilities for another person who has faced near hopeless conditions. The label says it all: “Free Wheelchair Mission.”

Malawi unloading wheelchairs 2 smallerThe box contains mobility. It contains community contact. It contains freedom to go to school, church, shopping and visiting. It contains the ability for parents to take their growing children with them to the fields while they work, to market while they shop and to visit family and friends. No longer must people be carried on someone’s back or left alone at home because no one can carry them.

FWM supporters fund the wheelchairs and shipping to the African coast. The Malawi Project picks up the cost to get them overland to Malawi and to the distribution warehouse at the Namikango Mission. The staff works with groups and individuals all over Malawi to distribute the chairs to those who need them.

“Every single box they unload is another story of hope, promise and success. There just are no failures with this program. It is a win-win every time,” reports Richard Stephens, a member of the Malawi Project staff.

Our mission would be impossible without distribution partners, and it would be impossible without you, our supporters. Thank you for your role in providing the gift of mobility to people in Malawi and around the world!


Don Schoendorfer

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