What if your only way to communicate was with your mouth? Not by speaking, but by smiling. That’s Norik’s life. Born with cerebral palsy and unable to move or speak, he can smile. And he does when he sees or hears members of his family. He loves his baby sister!

Norik is eight years old and spends most of his life on the sofa. His family makes him comfortable and tends to his needs. They even sit up with him through the night when he is unable to sleep, so he won’t be lonely or scared.

norik in wheelchairBut all of them want a better life for Norik, and—with the support of World Vision Armenia— Norik received his very own GEN_2 wheelchair.

“It is a huge support for these families who’ve lost hope, but keep doing their best for their children. Norik’s family can now easily cultivate the land next to their house and take Norik with them to enjoy the sun,” shared Artyom Grigoryan, World Vision Armenia Aparan Area Specialist.

“Now Norik can easily be a part of our day. We will not be attached to his sofa that much anymore. I know that this will bring a good change in his life,” his mother, Elmira, said with tears in her eyes before adding, “I really hope that one day we will be a healthy and happy family all together.”

Giving the gift of mobility to one, changes the lives of many. Thank you for helping change the future of Yorik’s family and countless others!


Don Schoendorfer

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