In October a Vision Trip team traveled to Mexico and served alongside our distribution partner Operation Blessing. Over four days they assembled and distributed 60 wheelchairs in Queretaro and Celeya. What a gift to get a front row seat to see and hear the results of your generous support!

Jose FabianDuring one stop, the team met 13-year old Jose and his mom, Araceli. Jose was born with cognitive and physical disabilities due to TORCH Syndrome. While he has never been able to walk or attend school, Jose enjoys being outdoors and loves listening to music, which calms him when he gets anxious. As Jose grew older, Araceli realized she wouldn’t always be able to carry him, but she had no other means to move him. Increasingly she felt the strain of immobility shrinking their world.

Now with his own wheelchair, she sees a new future for the whole family. Araceli and her younger children can take Jose outside more easily and include him in visits to the park. He can safely and comfortably move in rhythm to the music he loves. The gift of mobility is widening their boundaries and bringing new opportunities for all of them.

There are countless children like Jose and parents like Araceli still hoping for transformation. Generous people like you enable us to provide mobility around the world, and we are so grateful for each one of you!


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