Some people are so grateful for the opportunity to work they wouldn’t dream of complaining about their commute—even if they have to crawl to work.

CIMG0297One distribution team in El Salvador met such a man. Cayetano Velasco lost the use of his legs after contracting polio. He moved to San Salvador in 2010 so he could find work and be self-sufficient. A neighborhood carpenter made him special blocks he could use to walk on his hands, and he supported himself by panhandling in front of the cathedral. The $7-8 he made a day was enough to rent a small room in a nearby hotel.

When the distribution team saw him walking on his blocks, they offered him a wheelchair, and he enthusiastically accepted it saying it would “give him the opportunity to go farther.” As he said goodbye, he added, “I will always remember this date as the day I was blessed with a wheelchair.”

What a blessing to transform Cayetano’s life through the gift of mobility! You, our generous supporters, make these moments possible. Thank you!


Don Schoendorfer

P.S. We have just over a week to go in our “Times Two” Gift Challenge. From now through October 31 every dollar given will be multiplied x2. Will you consider making a donation today to help others like Cayetano?


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