What do you think of when someone talks about going to school? Crumpled homework assignments? Rows of desks? Or do you envision the journey from home to school?

The simple lack of mobility derails the educational dreams for millions of boys and girls with disabilities around the world. Mooketsi was one of those children. His inability to consistently get to school meant he watched his friends progress through the grade levels while he had to repeat classes. Eventually his poor attendance forced him to drop out of school.

Mooketsi was frustrated and discouraged, but he kept praying for a way to go to school. He kept praying for a wheelchair. Finally at 23 years old he received his first wheelchair from our partner World Community Counseling Centre in Botswana.

IMG_3800Mooketsi in wheelchair

And what was Mooketsi’s first goal? To go to school.

Thank you for opening the doors of education to Mooketsi—and so many others. We are able to give the gift of mobility because of your generous support. Thank you for helping us serve


Don Schoendorfer

P.S. We are entering the final two weeks of our “Times Two” Gift Challenge. There’s still time for your donation to be multiplied x2. Will you take the challenge today?


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