Being in a wheelchair might seem limiting to some of us, but for those we serve it can be unimaginably freeing.

Nicolay_UkraineNicolay had a stroke when he was 59 years old that left him unable to walk and shattered his sense of self-worth. A wheelchair wouldn’t give him back the life he had before the stroke, but he believed it would give him enough independence to feel he had something to offer again.

He tried for five years to obtain a wheelchair before he received one of our partners in Ukraine gave him a GEN_1.

Nicolay said, “I was waiting for this wheelchair as one would wait for a miracle. I could not believe that someone might help me, as I had been turning to a number of organizations for help and no one had ever helped me. Thank you. I am grateful to God for you. Thanks to this wheelchair, I feel I like a new man.

You helped deliver a wheelchair—a miracle in Nicolay’s eyes—to a man desperate for mobility and independence. Your generosity continues to make moments like this possible for people all around the world. Thank you!


Don Schoendorfer

P.S. It’s the half-way point of our “Times Two” Gift Challenge, and with your help we can change thousands more lives with the gift of mobility. Through October 31 every dollar you give will be multiplied x2.


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