Hope is powerful. It is more than wishful thinking. Hope is the fuel to live well in the present and approach the future with confident expectation.

Fourteen years ago David’s parents abandoned him at birth. The Arevalo family hoped to give him a better life, so they took him in and cared for him alongside their own five children. Despite their economic struggles, the Arevalos obtained a wheelchair for David, which made it possible for him to go to school … until the wheelchair went missing.

David ArevaloDue to his disabilities, David couldn’t get around safely without a wheelchair, which forced him to stay home and put his education on hold. But David never lost hope.

This June, a container from Free Wheelchair Mission arrived in Peru; and our Distribution Partner, Camino de Vida, delivered a GEN_2 wheelchair to David. His dream of returning to school came true.

His mother’s relief was palpable as David was transferred into his new wheelchair. And his smile spoke volumes.

Thanks to your generosity we had the privilege of making David’s hope for mobility and education a reality!


Don Schoendorfer

P.S. Together we can continue giving hope and mobility, and with the “Times Two” Gift Challenge every dollar you give between now and October 31 will be multiplied x2.


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