How significant is one person’s mobility? For forty years Zhang didn’t have to answer that question. As an able-bodied man he provided for his family in China’s rural Henan province. Mobility was a given. Then, without warning, he developed a blockage in his right leg, and his circulation decreased to the point doctors were forced to amputate.

Limited mobility changed Zhang’s opportunities. He lost the ability to work; and instead of caring for his three children, they had to care for him. The stress and hardship affected each member of his family and altered the future they had all imagined.

Zhang RuishanAfter eight months of struggling on crutches, Zhang received a GEN_2 wheelchair. Despite his stoic demeanor, receiving the gift of mobility left Zhang fighting for words to describe the overwhelming emotion he felt. As he realized he had the opportunity to return to work and to provide for his family again, he cried tears of joy.

Each person’s mobility—or lack thereof—ripples through family and friends and community affecting countless lives. Zhang’s family has experienced the full spectrum of mobility, and we are so grateful your generosity enabled Free Wheelchair Mission to be part of the solution for Zhang and his family.

Thank you for allowing us to provide dignity, independence and hope in China and around the world.

Don Schoendorfer

Right now is a great time to open more doors of opportunity through the gift of mobility. You can multiply your impact with our “Times Two” Gift Challenge between now and October 31.

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