Imagine caring for three sets of twins with disabilities. Imagine six children without mobility in one home. Imagine facing such a challenge in a remote area of Uganda.

Annette wasn’t imagining; it was her reality. As she sought to change her family’s future she made contact with a man named Brother Lawrence. Earlier this year, he contacted Free Wheelchair Mission by email and told us about the children. He asked if we could help.

In order to grant Lawrence’s request, we knew we would need help from one of our partners. We put him in contact with Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry, run by Francis and Adrienne Mugwanya. At FWM, we love to acknowledge our partners and other organizations that help people with mobility.

Father’s Heart Mobility was happy to help and worked in the same region where the children lived. They visited their home in Sheema District and verified the need for six wheelchairs and that the need was urgent. One boy has cerebral palsy and none of FWM’s chairs fit him properly, but we did not want to leave even one child without mobility. Thankfully, Father’s Heart Mobility was able to collaborate with Wheels for the World, an outreach of Joni and Friends, to provide a chair that fit the boy with cerebral palsy.

What joy in Annette’s household on August 28, 2015, when all six siblings received their wheelchairs. Each child hopes to start school. Annette and her mother want to begin a small sales business so Annette can stop begging in the street. New wheelchairs mean these goals are finally possible.

3 sets of twins

At FWM we know the logistics of shipping and delivering wheelchairs to a remote foreign location can be challenging. And providing suitable wheelchairs to a family suffering from multiple disabilities takes a concerted effort. We are fortunate to have trustworthy partners like Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry and resources like Joni and Friends’ Wheels for the World. These partners help us bring the gift of mobility to those in need.

As always, we at FWM appreciate you, our supporters. Your generosity and compassion bring solutions to those who need them most.

Don Schoendorfer


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