Greetings and Happy Friday!

Gertrude Musenero is 29 years old and lives in Busolwe, a small town in Uganda. At age three, she contracted a severe fever with long-lasting repercussions. Its ravages included loss of strength in her legs and she found herself unable to stand or even support herself with a cane. So for more than 25 years, Gertrude has been unable to walk.

Gertrude’s was only able to get around by crawling through the mud and dust. Imagine spending your adult life crawling daily on the hot earth. This circumstance would defeat many people, but Gertrude found the strength to pray. She prayed for a wheelchair to relieve the pain in her legs and to provide mobility that would allow her to go to church and visit with friends and relatives.

As Gertrude was helped into her very own FWM GEN_2 wheelchair, the look on her face changed. She displayed a new alertness and took a deep interest in the proceedings as the chair’s footrest was adjusted to fit her feet. Once Gertrude was properly positioned in her wheelchair, her expression beamed wonder and satisfaction. Her prayer was answered!


Thanks to your generosity and compassion, Free Wheelchair Mission was able to gift Gertrude with the mobility she had been praying for. Now this young woman with the fortitude of spirit to withstand years of crawling on the ground can look people directly in the eye. With a wheelchair to hold her up, she can live with dignity and independence. Thank you!


Don Schoendorfer


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