In collaboration with like-minded partners, Free Wheelchair Mission specializes in providing mobility to those in need.  But did you know our partners serve people with disabilities in other ways as well? Today’s story highlights our work with our partner, FUSAL in El Salvador and their relationship with Padre Vito Guarato Center.

The PVG Center shelters and cares for children with disabilities.  Sometimes these children are orphaned; other times, their parents cannot raise them. This past spring, we partnered with the Center to match 20 wheelchairs with special needs recipients.

One recipient, Walter Trejo, has lived at the Center for over 25 years.  Walter, a native of El Salvador, was born with cerebral palsy and unfortunately his parents had economic struggles and did not feel able to care for a child with special needs.  When Walter was 8 years old they brought him to the PVG Center.

Walter is now 34.  Over the years, he has thrived at the Center. In his youth, dedicated Center staff taught him how to move around in a wheelchair. Before this spring, he had been using a 10 year old chair donated to the Center.  Its parts were worn out, its cushion was uncomfortable and its brakes no longer worked well.  In addition, the chair had become too small for Walter.

In May 2015, Walter received his very own FWM GEN_2 wheelchair. He was so happy! His new chair enables him to sit comfortably and get around easily.  Walter takes great pleasure in visiting his friends throughout the Center. He loves salsa music and dedicates his day to spreading his positive energy to his friends at the Center. Because of his mobility, Walter is able to attend school and church and continues to make new friends.

Because of generous people like you, Walter is having the time of his life. The Center residents are so glad to see his smiling face as he comes by to visit them.  Your gift of mobility brightens Walter’s days and spreads smiles throughout the Center. Thank you!

Blessings, Don Schoendorfer


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