I am humbled every day from the stories we receive from the field. This week’s story is about a young man named John Chimbuvu from Maamba, Zambia. On their way to the district hospital to distribute wheelchairs, one of our partners encountered John on the side of the road as he waved them down.

A young man, dressed in a shirt and tie sitting on the side of the road signaled us to stop; he was looking for transportation to Maamba. As we talked to him, we discovered that we were all heading to the same place; the hospital assigned to distribute wheelchairs.

He told us his story: His name was John and he was disabled from birth. He had carved two short crutches with rubber soles that helped him get around. Living alone, with no spouse or children, he has had to rely on the kindness of fellow villagers to contribute food and basic necessities he needed to survive.

When we gave John his very own new GEN_1 wheelchair, he had a huge grin on his face and was so grateful. He knew that with the help of the chair, he would be able to move around his hut and yard. He might even be mobile enough to plant and harvest his own corn. John was happy, we were happy, and the village children seemed happiest of all as they pushed John home in his brand new wheelchair.JohnCombined

I love to share stories about recipients like John. Thank you for your generosity in helping people like John with the simple gift of mobility. Without your support, John would still be waiting on the side of the road. THANK YOU!

Don Schoendorfer


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