Occasionally we receive a story from the field directly from the recipient and I found the story of Yang Bao very compelling. So many of our wheelchair recipients live life from a backroom feeling depressed and even useless. Yang Bao is a 51 year old man from a remote village in Xixian County, Henan province, China who was involved in an automobile accident and left unable to walk.

My name is Yang Bao and several years ago a car accident separated me from the outside world. I only lay on the bed and cannot see the sun anymore. One day seems like a year.
My wife suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis and can barely take care of herself. She cannot care for me and every day she sees me on the bed, she cries. Our daughter is married and lives far away, but she is the only one we can rely on to help care for us. We have no money or income and I am only a burden to my family. One day I decided to end my life and crawled to the kitchen to find a knife. My brother found me before I was able to harm myself and was very angry with me and said “a live dog is better than a dead lion, you are a pillar of the family. Dead is easy, but your family will suffer extreme pain that you will never know.”
From that moment on, I was determined to live strong! Being a former primary school teacher, I began teaching students from my home to feel useful, but I still could not get outside to smell the sunshine. Until one day when the Chinese Christian Council and the Henan Disabled Person’s Federation brought me my very own GEN_2 wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission. We were all overcome with joy. Now I can go outside to enjoy the smell of the sunshine and the spring flower blossoms. The sunshine warms the earth, I absorb power from the sun.
Yang Bao
It is so heartwarming to hear what a difference the simple gift a wheelchair can make in someone’s life. Thank you for letting me share Yang Bao’s story and for all you do to provide mobility to those in need. So many are blessed because of the generosity of people like you! THANK YOU!

Don Schoendorfer


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