As many of you know, Thursday was our annual Miracle of Mobility event. As Founder and  President of Free Wheelchair Mission, I have had the pleasure of watching this event grow over the last 12 years. This year, thanks to you, I am humbled and honored to share that we far exceeded our original goal of 14,702 wheelchairs. Through your generosity, we raised $1,623,030.80 which equates to 20,832 lives transformed. What an incredible accomplishment!

There were many memorable moments from our evening from the Harvest Praise Ensemble to the Beach Pointe Singers duet. But the one that stands out to me is the inspiring message from Nick Vujicic who brought the house to tears with his personal story of meeting people with disabilities in the developing world.mom_nick and don2

I was so pleased with the acknowledgement of our ambassadors; specifically Kevin Ely, whose goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states. So far he’s completed 38 states to raise money to fund a full container for 550 people who need wheelchairs. In less than a year, he’s raised over $31,000! Amazing! Kevin is not alone, there are many of you out there right now who are raising awareness about FWM and are providing mobility around the world with your efforts – THANK YOU!

I want to acknowledge our incredible event strategy team and volunteers, our motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, our dear friend Janice Munemitsu for the invocation and the FWM staff for organizing such a wonderful and purposeful evening.

On behalf of more than 860,000 wheelchair recipients worldwide, as well as 20,832 soon-to-be recipients as a result of last night’s event, I want to extend my most sincere appreciation to all of you, our attendees, sponsors and supporters who made each and every one of these newly transformed lives possible.




mom_Don_S_MoM15_5 mom_seg4


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