Greetings , and Happy Friday!

I want to share with you a story of two sisters from Cameroon. Their lives and the lives of their family who supported them changed dramatically when they each received their very own wheelchair. But more than that, their understanding of God and their love for Him changed because of the simple gift of mobility.

Both born paraplegic, sisters Nelly and Elsy had to be carried everywhere they went. Their family valued education so much, that despite the challenges, their mother and one of their older brothers would carry them to school each day. Elsy said that in the past, she would cry when she saw her friends walking because she wanted to be able to play with them.

They only dreamed of having a wheelchair—they never thought they would receive one of their very own, but they did. Each of them were given a GEN_2 wheelchair! Now they attend school and spend time with friends, but when asked where they wanted to go first – they said “church”! “Having this chair has changed my idea of God. Now I know that He is great and provides always.”


Thank you for providing the gift of mobility to individuals just like Nelly and Elsy! I love that the simple gift of a wheelchair provided them with the beautiful and clear understanding of God’s provision and love!


Don Schoendorfer


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