Greetings, and Happy Friday!

This week I want to share with you a story that is a bit different than usual. I’d like you to meet Josiah, one of our youngest supporters. He dedicates his time and resources every year to raising enough funds for one wheelchair. His heart for those in need touched my heart and I hope it touches yours too:

Josiah has a passion for those who struggle with disability and for the past two years, he has taken his allowance from performing chores and jobs around the house and any loose change that he could find to purchase a Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchair for someone in need. He is faithully committed to emptying his piggy bank to help people in the developing world.

When Dave, a pastor at Josiah’s church, went to Vietnam to distribute wheelchairs, he made sure to label one with Josiah’s name on it so Josiah could see the personal impact he was making with all his hard work.


The gentleman who received Josiah’s chair is a North Vietnamese soldier who was injured in the line of duty. It made Josiah extremely proud when he saw the picture of the gentleman who received the chair that he had paid for with his own money. Josiah’s mother, Elisa, sent us a note in an email, “It makes it real to him and encourages him to want to do more. He is so sweet.”


Josiah’s passion for those in need is incredible and I love the dedication he is showing to empty out his piggy bank every year to help others. $77.91 may not seem like much to you or me, but to Josiah, it is all he has and he is giving it all so someone else can have a better life. What an inspiration.


Don Schoendorfer


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