Greetings , and Happy Friday!

To provide the gift of mobility, Free Wheelchair Mission partners with hard working, in-country organizations who help coordinate the wheelchair distributions. They do amazing work and we are grateful for their partnership. This week I wanted to share with you how one of our distribution partners in Nicaragua went above and beyond the call of duty to help transform the life of a little boy named Maykel.

At nine years old, Maykel was out playing with friends and fell into a cistern—he was unable to move and desperately tried to get the attention of his friends or an individual passing by, but no one heard him. Sadly, he was forced to spend the night in the cistern and wasn’t found by his family until the following morning. Fearful, Maykel’s family rushed him to the hospital, but they were told that he had broken his back and he needed surgery that would cost them nearly $10,000—a cost far too steep for his family to afford. Instead, Maykel was sent home where his back healed improperly, causing nerve damage that left him unable to walk, and primarily bed ridden.

Three years later our distribution partner, Christian Aid Ministries, was introduced to Maykel and were excited to help him. They took Maykel to another doctor to evaluate him for surgery and to determine his potential to walk again. Unfortunately, it was too late – surgery could not help him walk, but they were able to provide him with his very own GEN_2 wheelchair! So instead of being trapped in bed, he is able to go to school and get around his neighborhood. Maykel and his family have been extremely grateful for his gift of mobility and for the present and constant support of our partner in the field who have continued to help them however they can.


Maykel was able to get out of bed because of your generosity and our partner’s consistent dedication to providing the gift of mobility! Thank you for your help and for believing, as we do, that no one should have to crawl.


Don Schoendorfer

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