Greetings , and Happy Friday!

In the developing world, education can be difficult to achieve—it is too expensive or very difficult to access, so many children never receive any type of schooling.  This week I take you to Zambia and share with you a child who couldn’t wait to get to school and how the gift of mobility made it all possible:

When James was just an infant, his mother found out that he would never have enough strength in his legs for proper use and he would never be able to walk. The youngest of six children, James worked hard to be “just like everyone else” and often had questions about why he was not like the other children.

His mother worked hard to treat him the same as she did her other children and wanted James to receive an education, but the nearby schools lacked the proper facilities for children with disabilities. The only way she would be able to provide James with an education was to take him to a specialty school that was over 300 kilometers away, but the family could not afford the school or the travel expenses. Instead, James stayed home and prayed for aid.

At the age of 13, James was given his very own GEN_2 wheelchair—receiving the freedom of mobility he had been waiting for! James started attending school right away and is now receiving perfect scores on all his exams! When our partner, World Vision, asked him what he thought of his new found mobility he said, “The wheelchair helps me get to school. I love school and I love learning. I want to be a teacher when I finish school.”


James’ story is a beautiful example of what the simple gift of a wheelchair can provide. Thank you for your generosity and support of our mission so others can experience mobility, just like James.


Don Schoendorfer

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