Greetings , and Happy Friday!

Time and again we receive stories of transformation through the gift of mobility. It not only changes the life of the recipient, but families and caregivers as well. This week’s Friday Story from Mexico is another great one:

Tashami was born with microcephaly and cerebral palsy and has been carried by her mother her entire life. Miriam, Tashami’s mother, explained that due to all of the medical bills for her daughter, the family couldn’t afford the cost of a wheelchair and because she needs to be with Tashami at all times, she has difficulty finding and keeping a job or even getting her daily tasks done.

Just last month, Tashami was able to receive her very own GEN_2 wheelchair and both she and her mother’s lives were instantly changed! It is much easier for Miriam to care for Tashami and now she can take her along with her wherever she may need to go!


Because of a simple gift of a wheelchair a mother and her daughter felt their burden lifted. Thank you for providing the gift of mobility for those that need it—it oftentimes changes more lives than we know!


Don Schoendorfer


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