Greetings , and Happy Friday!

Some of our recipients amaze me with their determination to push past their boundaries and change the course of their lives and their families. This week’s Friday story is no different:

At the age of 16 Shahin suffered from a severe fever. Unable to afford the proper treatment, Shahin was left without the ability to walk. Instead of focusing on his disability, he focused on overcoming the obstacles that he faced because of the disability.

Shahin received his very own GEN_1 wheelchair when he was 23 years old. From the moment he gained his mobility, all he could think about was what he could do to help his family financially. He found a room he was able to rent and started his own barber shop. Soon the business grew so large that he was able to hire 3 employees, which has afforded him to send his two siblings to school on his income alone.


Receiving mobility allowed Shahin to create an occupation for himself and help provide for his family. Thank you for providing the gift of mobility and for changing lives like Shahin’s. Because of a single wheelchair, an entire family received new opportunities – what a beautiful outcome.


Don Schoendorfer


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