Greetings and Happy Friday!

As adults, we sometimes forget to sing and dance, especially through difficult times. But one young man living in Peru reminds me how life is worth celebrating:

RobertoRoberto was born with congenital hydrocephalus which caused him to start having convulsions at age five and left him without the ability to walk. Despite these obstacles, Roberto loves to sing and dance to music and lives every day with excitement and joy!

One day, Roberto’s teacher told him and his mom that the school had found a wheelchair for Roberto and that he would no longer have to be carried to, from and around school. Now he has his own GEN_2 wheelchair that fits his body and allows him to easily navigate around school and through the doorways. Roberto is thrilled with his new-found mobility. He continues to sing and dance, but now does it from the comfort of his wheelchair!

Roberto never let his condition get him down, but now he has even more reason to celebrate. Thank you for celebrating with us as we continue to help change lives like Roberto’s through the gift of mobility.


Don Schoendorfer


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