Happy Thursday! Its our first Special Delivery Report of 2015! 2,750 wheelchairs arrived this week. 1,100 in India, 550 in China, 550 in Uganda and 550 in Nicaragua.

Disability Stats in Nicaragua

  • chronic conditions are responsible for 67% of disability
  • poverty is the main health determinant
  • We have been shipping wheelchairs to Nicaragua since 2006
  • In 2014 we distributed 3,300 wheelchairs
  • To date we have shipped a total of 17,050 wheelchairs!

2 thoughts on “Special Delivery Report: 2,750 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week!

  1. hello, thank you very much for the good work,its really heart warming to know that there are organisations that create happiness in the life of the disabled.I would like to know if I can use your help too,my mum is suffering from Parkinsons, and I think with a wheelchair she can be able to leave her bedroom and Atleast talk to some people or change environment because she has been in the same room for over 3 years, I’m patiently waiting for your reply, many thanks and merry Christmas. God bless you more

    1. Hi, Monica! Thank you for writing. Please contact us at info [at] freewheelchairmission.org and we will see if we can connect you to a wheelchair distribution in your area. We’ll be praying for your mother. God bless!

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