Greetings , and Happy Friday!

It is so exciting to hear stories from our distribution partners about recipients that have been able to become more involved with their community after receiving the gift of mobility. Lilian’s story is unique because she used her wheelchair as an opportunity to become involved with the community and help others at the same time:

Born in Uganda, Lilian was diagnosed with polio as a young child and lost the use of one of her legs. For most of her childhood and adolescence Lilian was able to use a walking stick to move around, but as she grew older, her healthy leg could no longer support her, forcing her to crawl from place to place. Wife and mother of four, she continued to work hard to help put food on the table, despite her setbacks.

A huge burden was lifted when Lilian received her FWM Gen_1 wheelchair,—with her new found mobility, she is able to get to and from work without having to pay for transportation, allowing her to spend more time and resources on her family and her school, empowering others to care for themselves.

Supporting others with disabilities, Lilian teaches classes in sewing and craft-making providing others with disabilities a way to financially support themselves and their families. She solicits funds to help supply the school, constantly advocating for people with disabilities.


Lilian has a passion for the community of individuals living with disabilities around her. Thank you for helping provide her with mobility so that she can help others become self-reliant!

The  FWM_x2_Text_Cropped_REDUCED ends tonight at midnight. MULTIPLY your impact before it’s too late. You can still help someone like Lilian be lifted off the ground. Please don’t wait!


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