Happy Thursday! We have had nearly 4,000 wheelchair land in ports all around the world this week: 550 in Peru, 550 in India, 550 in Gabon, 550 in El Salvador, 550 in Rwanda and 1,100 in Zambia.

Did you know?

  • Between the varying types of disability and varying levels at which people are affected, approximately 14% of those living in Zambia are disabled in some way
  • Of the different types of disability, mobile disability topped this list at approximately 9% of the population
  • There are approximately 14,075,000 living in Zambia
  • Based upon the statistic above that means nearly 200,000 people have reported living with some form of disability
  • Those who are living in Zambia with a disability often face social isolation as well as physical barriers such as access to public buildings and being apart of the community  by attending school and receiving healthcare

What are we doing in Zambia?

  • So far we have distributed 11,020 wheelchairs
  • We have been distributing chairs there since 2004
  • This year so far we have given 1,650 wheelchairs away

Thank you for helping us change lives everyday with the gift of mobility!

Check back in tomorrow for a Friday Story from Zambia.


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