Greetings and happy Friday!

This week I wanted to share a story about two brothers in Peru. Their lives were transformed with the gift of their very own wheelchairs.

Edgar in his Gen_1 wheelchair
Franklin in his Gen_1 wheelchair

Edgar and Franklin were born with birth defects; Edgar was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and Franklin struggles with clubfoot. Together these two brothers have pushed the limits of what is considered possible.

Before they received their wheelchair, they were unemployed and unable to socialize with family and friends in their community. They often became bored at home, wishing that they had the ability to go out and about and even get a job.

Once they received their Gen_1 wheelchairs, Franklin was able to get a job selling thread and chocolates. His brother, Edgar almost always joins him and helps him with his work. They are now able to visit with their friends and be a part of the community—in fact, since they have received their gift of mobility, you can hardly ever find them at home!

Edgar and Franklin are just a small example of the difference you can make because of your amazing generosity. Often such a burden is lifted when one family member receives mobility, but in this case it is even more impactful with both of their lives being transformed. Thank you for helping to make their dream a reality .

This time each year we engage loyal supporters like you with the opportunity to multiply your impact. Between now and October 31st, every wheelchair is multiplied with the 

You can make a difference by multiplying your gift, but hurry, before it’s too late. Help us MULTIPLY the number of people we lift up off the ground through our . Watch my video below for more information.



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