Greetings and Happy Friday!

Can you imagine being unable to leave the house unless you had someone around to carry you? For many of our recipients, this is their reality. I wanted to share with you Thuan’s story this week and how a wheelchair helped her gain independence:

Thuan is the youngest of three girls. She was born with polio and has struggled with mobility her entire life. Years ago, she had been given a wheelchair, but it was too big for her to use effectively. After three years of improper use, it broke, and she was left with the challenge of mobility once more. She wanted to be out and about: to explore and see things near her home, but her family was unable to take her. She was home bound.

Despite the setbacks that she faced, Thaun continued to be passionate about school and her education. She is extremely intelligent and with the help of kind neighbors and relatives who provided her with at-home schooling, she has been able to work up to a 5th grade level.
Thuan was completely surprised when she received a wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission. She was ecstatic and so grateful that she was no longer stuck at home—her mother now takes her to visit their neighbors, relatives and on trips near their house so she can be a part of the community!

It can be so hard for us to imagine what life would be like without our own independence. Thuan will always need her mom’s help, but with her new wheelchair, she has a newfound freedom and more access to her community than ever before. Thank you for giving Thuan and her family the feeling of independence through the gift of mobility!

Don Schoendorfer

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