This sweet woman is from Honduras


I am sure you are wondering: “did I read that right??” Well, you are! Yep- 5,500 Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchairs arrived in countries all over the word this week!! We actually set a record for ourselves with this weeks report, as this is the largest Special Delivery post we have ever shared! The breakdown of where each of these containers landed is so cool that we thought I would share it with you in a new way….

  • 1,100 chairs for Panama
  • 1,100 chairs for Mexico
  • 1,100 chairs for Pakistan
  • 1,100 chairs in Vietnam
  • 550 chairs for Malawi
  • 550 chairs in Honduras

WOW! That is a lot of chairs….and that means a lot of recipients are going to be receiving mobility very soon. We wanted to share some fascinating disability stats with you, as we have been, but couldn’t decide which country to share about, so instead, here is a few interesting facts from each of them. Although it can be very hard to concretely know the percentage of residents living with disability here are the stats I could find.

Pakistan:10%          Vietnam: 6.6%           Malawi: 4.2%            Honduras: 2.6%                                      Mexico: 2%                                              Panama: 1.8%


Pakistan has the highest percentage of disability with a whopping 10 percent. Mexico has the lowest at 1.8. Pakistan also has the largest population: 179.2 million where as Panama has the smallest with a humble (comparatively to the other countries) 3.8 million. In comparison, Mexico is the largest country of this list and Panama continues to be the smallest. Of the 6 countries, Vietnam has received the highest number of wheelchairs from us! Since 2001, Vietnam has given the gift of mobility to over 108,000 people in need. With all 6 countries we have given out: 159,775 wheelchairs since 2001! What a great week to tell you about Free Wheelchair Mission and to show all that you are doing. Thanks for your help in bringing mobility to 5,500 people in desperate need.


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