Greetings, and happy Friday!This week we have 20 sea-going containers filled with wheelchairs en-route to 11 different countries around the globe.  One of those containers contains 550 GEN_2 wheelchairs destined to provide independence, hope and mobility to individuals living in El Salvador.  This week’s story was provided by FWM staff member, Ariel, from a distribution trip she took a few months back:


After driving through a hilly area with lots of vegetation, we parked our vehicles at the bottom of a steep set of stairs.  We were told a young man at the top was to receive a wheelchair.  Our group made it to the top and were greeted by Jonathan, 16 years old, who is paralyzed from the waist down from an unknown birth defect.  One of five children, Jonathan has to be carried down the steep stairs and several miles to school every day by his mother, who holds him on her hip like a small child.  As a good student and eager to learn, Jonathan was proud to show us his school workbooks, displaying meticulously neat penmanship. 

This new wheelchair brings mobility and independence, something Jonathan has longed for – and allows for him to continue his education, something he is proud of.  It also brings his mother and siblings relief as they continue to support his growth, journey and education.


I love stories of children who place their education in high regard and for families who also support that knowledge, despite any setbacks.  Thank you for providing a wheelchair for Jonathan.  I hope that his new sense of independence and mobility catapults him into a life that is truly blessed.  THANK YOU for helping us to provide such a gift to children around the world!







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