Containers are being shipped all over the world and are currently in route. This week, 550 wheelchairs arrived in Mexico!

Disability Statistics

Disability statistics about a developing country can be hard to find. Often disability is looked at as a negative and so citizens will often not report family members or themselves if they are disabled.

The last disability statistics that were polled in Mexico was in the early 2000’s. At the time, they found that over 1.7 million people in Mexico are living with some kind of disability. Even then, they had over 2 million people who did not respond to their poll, and believe that the number of disabled listed is and was probably higher than what their information showed.

Of the 1.7 million, nearly 50% deal with some sort of mobility related disability and need some type of mobility aid in order to get around effectively.

To date we have been able to distribute nearly 13,000 wheelchairs and have been giving wheelchairs to Mexico since 2003.

We are grateful for our partners in Mexico and all of you who help us continue to provide mobility to those in need. With all of you, we wouldn’t have been able to help the 13,000 people in Mexico who have now been able to receive dignity, independence and hope.


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